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 in response to chunky chunk...   Try this program it seems you would be a good fit...
Donated Dental Services (DDS) is a collaborative program in which the dental profession reaches out to individuals with special needs.
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chunky chunk
I'm a 45 yr. old single mom disabled and Lo income without any money. Some of my main front teeth or decaying and breaking off off in the gum and another bad root canal that was done poorly is literally sliding off the tooth. It's so hard and depressing that I don't smile anymore,my 5 yr. old ask me why I don't smile anymore, I tell him, mommy teeth are bad and hurt. It depress me so bad, I use to having good teeth,because when I became disabled on Medicare at a young age had no money at all to pay for dental and a young child to take care of, and medicade don't pay for dental in Kansas City Mo.Please email, if you can help me save my
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We are a low income family, with no dental insurance. I am currently looking for employment and my husband is a truck driver who get paid very little. We are looking for a dentist that will see us. We live in Southeast Missouri.
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Southern Missouri in West Plains only takes Children 17 and under.
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thank you for all the information, I will calling and checking to see, i have checked on affordable dental insurance. I know i need to have all my uppers and some of my lowers removed. Right now I have been laided off for sometime now, and think that if i can get my smile fixed it will help in the interviewing process. Again thank you.

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More medical and dental resources for help in St. Louis , Missouri :


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 in response to bushbaby...   

A site to check to see if there's any free dental help close enough:

Also, I'd expect dental schools to allow people to volunteer for free dental care from their students.  This should help check if there are any close enough:

Have you noticed that the number of people on Aidpage asking for money greatly outnumber those who have enough to offer any?  For example, I've been disabled with no job for years.

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I am a young male. I am low income. I live in St. Louis.  I have a tooth and gum problem that I can't fix because I have no Money.

Other than my gum problem I have two decaying teeth in the front of my mouth. It's a small abcess in between two teeth.

If anyone can help me so I dont lose my front teeth please email me at

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 in response to thetess...   

Hi Tess !

I hope you find something that you can use. You shouldn't have to suffer with the current state of your oral challenges. 


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I'm so excited to find the dentists listed above!  I hope that one of them will be able to help me.  I'm 28 years old and have struggled my entire life with bad parents were not big on parenting and my teeth suffered early on.  Once I was old enough to realize I needed to take care of them it was too late.  My back teeth (top and bottom) are in horrible shape.  They are all just jagged pieces here and there.  I have 2 crowns on my front that have been there for about 15 years.  My other teeth in the front are now cracking off.  I can barely chew anything.  I usually end up eating soup or very soft things.  I even have a hard time tearing bread. 

I have a stable job and an ok salary.  Unfortunately, my job does not offer dental insurance.  I probably couldn't afford it if they did.  With the amount of work I need done, insurance wouldn't even begin to help me.  My credit is not good enough to secure a loan large enough to help. 

If anyone knows of a specific dentist or group that could help with a payment plan I would be forever grateful.  I live in Jefferson City but would be willing to travel anywhere in Missouri for help.  I just want to smile again....or be confident talking to people. 



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 in response to seagers1321...   

You are most welcome , seagers1321 ! It is my pleasure .


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 in response to Mom-In-Need...   

Hi momineed

Here is a link for information that may be of help . It is from the Missouri Dental Association and claims to have information for low income people searching for help in Missouri . I hope you find something !


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  I am a 24 yr old mother of 2 who is in need of financial aid or information on getting it or probono services to get my teeth fixed. I lost my job and I am currently on unemployment so Im stuck in a hard spot. I am just really scared that If I dont get them taken care of soon that I am going to suffer major health problems. They are very bad in the back and are starting to go in the front. I need help.If you or anyone you know that could possibly help me I would really really greatly appreciate it.Thanks for taking the time to read my post. I reside in Holts Summit.

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Thank you very much for your detailed dentist list.  GREAT WORK and AWESOME information.  Thanks again!!!

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 in response to GuardenAngel...   


Thank you for these updates. I hope that our change of government leaders can push through all this mess of dental problems for the low-income in this country.

What a sad line up of wait times your list shows . 


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Information current as of 03/15/2009 

The Dental Faculty Practice
(UMKC School of Dentistry)
650 E 25th St
Kansas City MO 64108
816-235-2121        .................
3 to 6 month waiting list

Family Health Center Dental Clinic
1001 Worley St
Columbia MO 65203
573-214-2314      .................
5 year waiting list

Jefferson City Free Dental Clinic
408 Dix Rd
Jefferson City MO 65109
573-632-2777    ..................
No openings

Samaritan Center
1310 McCarty St
Jefferson City MO 65101
Medicaid does not qualify; must have
no other way of getting help   ..........
  No openings


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 in response to kanealii45...   

Hi kanealii45

 Yes , many of the dental programs listed here should be able to give you assistance with your dental challenges . You might especially try the Donated Dental Services in your state.

I am so sorry that you have to live with disability and on top of that , have to deal with these dental problems. I will keep you in my prayers.


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Hi I am disabled with hepc virus and lupus and live on SSI I do have HUd my piont I have no other insurance then medicade will thiss program help with affordable dental services I know in order to keep my teeth and be bale to chew I will need a few root canals and crowns or teeth obstracted and then dentures put in can you tell me if can help thanks very much Richard L Minjares

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I have a twenty yeear old son that is in great need of dental work. The kind of work that he needs done has to be done by an endodontrist. We can't afford dental insurance and can't afford to pay large amounts at one time. We are low income. His health is suffering from this problem because he is always getting infections due to this problem. If  you can give me any information that may help please email me at

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I am a young male who is in great need of detal work in the st.louis area. There is just no way i can afford to pay for what needs to be done and if i did i would be making payment for the rest of my life,if anyone knows of free or cheap dental school or something, please contact me at fromasecondstorywindow2@hotmai thank you

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